Corporate Flu Vaccinations

A healthy workforce is good for the business.

With the recent Covid-19 Pandemic, it is significantly vital for organisations to protect their staff and members with flu and potential complication of pneumonia. Based on research, even healthy individuals may potentially catch both illnesses. Flu and pneumonia are acquired through airborne droplets, hence having a vaccination programme in place is a good tool in hand when people are working in an office or environment where social distancing is not possible.

It is vital for employers to ensure that they meet their responsibility in preventing their workers to catch any communicable diseases.

When a worker contracts a disease due to the nature of their work, this can result to a high cost of litigation and employers are questioned if the right steps such as vaccination were offered to their employees. The risk of facing that work-related health issues can be totally minimised and preventable. Hence, the benefits and reasonable cost of vaccination will far outweigh the risk involved in catching a disease and the issue it can bring to your company.

On-site visits help your workforce and the organisation to save time and a convenient way to look after your employee’s health. Alternatively, if an employee is not available on the day of the visit, they are always welcome to come to our clinic in London. We are open even in the evenings, Saturdays and every other Sundays.

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Why Choose Us to be your Flu and Pneumonia Vaccine Provider?

  • No queuing for your staff and organisation members
  • Flexible and can offer workplace visit or in clinic vaccination for staff and members
  • Low minimum quantity for workplace visit
  • Protects your staff and members with individualised plan of care and risk assessment
  • Good vaccine supply and stocks from leading manufacturers
  • Reasonable cost for corporate sectors, PRICE MATCH GUARANTEE if your organisation has a current flu provider and discount offers for organisation requiring large volume of vaccine and early bookings
  • Qualified, knowledgeable and experienced, caring nurses with years of experience in providing vaccination
  • Option of egg-based and eggless flu vaccine
  • Fast, reliable and friendly service
  • No hidden cost

We look forward to working with your organisation and please get in touch with us at 0208 12345 10 or email us at for corporate vaccination pricing. We will respond to your query within 24 hours.

Fully Flexible Flu Vaccine Packages
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