The Clinical Testing Method we offer is for 2019-nCov Coronavirus Covid-19. This test is called COVID-19 PCR Test, which is a molecular assay based on the detection of the RNA (nucleic material) within the virus. The detection of Viral RNA can be detected even at an earlier stage since the initial exposure. This means that the identification of an infection in a fast and accurate manner will help an individual and the people around them to take appropriate action, thereby, preventing wider spread of the disease, protecting their family, friends and the people around them. The test will also help individuals to focus on the recovery and access clinical service based on the PHE guideline.

The test packages start from £150 inclusive of clinical support and consultation from start to finish. Our practice have always been consistently efficient in providing service. Unlike other current Covid-19 testing service providers, our background is related to immunology service. Before the outbreak, we specialised in vaccination and allergy testing which is related to immunology hence our clinical team is already equipped with the right knowledge, skills and efficient in providing the clinical support. We understand that at the current unprecedented times, there are providers that appear overnight and introducing a new marketing service which is new to their practice. Some providers have specialised in cosmetics such as fat and slimming clinics, aesthetics, prior to the outbreak and recently jumped to the marketing opportunity of providing the Covid-19 testing service driven by financial gain. This may understandably affect the overall view of the community and creates a doubt in the reliability of the service provided.

We ensure that the value our client spend for our service is money well-spent and we are confident that we are able to provide an exceptional support to each and every single client. We do not overpromise and ensure that the quality of our swab sample is valid for high accuracy and reliability diagnosis. We would always give an informed consent and choice at every step of the way for all our clients rather than get them through a measly sales talk.

Our clinic has partnered with a state-of the-art lab which provides fast-tracked pathology service. The test is performed by a UKAS accredited British Lab which also provides the test for both NHS and Private clients. The whole process will be looked after by the team and this includes clinical support from our nurses and associated doctors from the lab.

Please note that this COVID-19 PCR swab test to check if you have the virus is different from rapid blood test for antibody. To check if you have antibodies we also offer IgG Antibody Tests. For detailed information, please read our FAQ PAGE under the section "ABOUT THE TEST".


The Testing Kit Pack is posted to the client’s home or preferred address or a nurse will do a home visit to collect the swab sample depending on the test package chosen after the payment is confirmed. Please note that for any test package, upfront payment is required and we are unable to take the swab sample for the test without the payment. The test kit pack is only released after payment is cleared. You will be provided a testing reference number by our clinic.

Client takes swabs from either nostrils or throat and the sample is then placed in the secured mailer bag provided and posted back to our partner labs through a courier depending on the type of package chosen. There will be a step-by-step guideline how to take the swab sample (for those opting to do self-swabbing).

If you need any assistance or have concerns, you can always ring us or email us. We will be able to advise whether someone is able to do the home self-swabbing, or a nurse visit based on the request and needs. We can advise for the test package, however, our clients are still given informed consent to have the choice what is practical and best for them.

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Standard Package of £150 per person includes

  • Test Results within 96 hours from the time of sample receipt in the lab
  • On hand clinical support and consultation (from start to finish)
  • Covid-19 PCR Test Kit Pack sent to preferred address via tracked delivery service for home self-swabbing (outside London)
  • Courier delivery of Test Kit Pack within 1-2 working days (same day dispatch for orders placed before 12 noon. Test Kit Pack Orders placed after 12 will be dispatched on next working day)
  • Secured electronic test result provided via email
Standard Test Package cost: £150

Standard Test Package with same-day delivery of test kit within London M25 area (orders before 12 noon only) cost: £200

NOTE: The same-day courier for the delivery of PCR test kits only applies to addresses within London M25 Area and if ordered before 12 noon.

Please note that on some occasions, turnaround times of the test result can be affected if the sample arrives in the lab late due to logistics and postal delays. On very rare instances, if a sample needs to be re-run to determine valid results, the test result may not be available within the quoted time frame. Hence, we ensure that we provide the best advice to the clients depending on the required timeframe to get the test results in time. Kindly contact us if you have very specific requirements so we can further assist you.

For other payment options please call us on 0208 12345 10 or email us at

Fast Track Test Package of £250 per person includes (please call to check availability)

  • GUARANTEED Test Results within 24 to 36 hours from the time of sample receipt in the lab
  • Clinical support and consultation (from start to finish)
  • Covid-19 PCR Swab Test Kit Pack
  • Secured electronic test result provided via email
  • Hard copy of test result via tracked courier ( special same day courier can be arranged at an additional cost within London M25 locations)
  • Option of nurse visit or Pre-Arranged courier to wait for the sample and then sent straight to the lab (within London M25 locations and additional cost applies depending on postcode)
Fast Track Test Package cost: £250

If you prefer a nurse visit or special courier to be in place, kindly contact us for the added cost and to make a suitable arrangement. We can offer discount to families or groups for PCR Testing.

For other payment options please call us on 0208 12345 10 or email us at

We can cater individuals, groups, small to large sized companies and other corporate clients. We have provided occupational health-related services to varied companies prior to covid-19 outbreak and we are here to continuously support the health and well-being of your workforce.

Please contact us at for group discounts for your staff and employees. Should you wish to speak to us, please ring us at 0208 12345 10

If you have attended our clinic before and an existing client, we can provide an exclusive 10% discount to you and your family so please call us for the discount to be applied.

Please note that our current prices are subject to change but reflects the inclusive service we provide. Our test package price is competitive considering the fast turnaround times we can commit compared to other Covid-19 test service providers.


The result will show either the virus is detected or not. The test result will be available within 24 to 96 hours after the sample is received at the lab depending on the service package paid. The encrypted result will be sent via email. If you require a hard copy sent thru the post, please call us but additional admin fee will be charged. Please note that all paper copy results sent through the post will be sent via tracked service hence we are unable to provide this for free.

Please read our FAQ PAGE for more detailed information or you can call us at 0208 12345 10 . Alternatively, you may also email us at

Order your self-swab test kit from £150

For other payment options please call us on 0208 12345 10 or email us at