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Allergy Testing is available as skin prick tests and blood tests.

£50 Fixed Consultation fee applies with or without tests.

Allergy Skin Prick Tests

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Allergy Blood Tests

Allergy Blood Test Name Price
Immunocap ISAC panel (112 allergen components from 51 sources) £415 (results given in 3 working days)
Gluten Allergy profile £315 (results given in 10 working days)
Allergy profile (Nuts and Seeds) £350
Allergy profile (Food and Inhalants) £495
Allergy profile (Food) £250
Allergy profile (Inhalants) £285
Allergy Profile (Shellfish) £225
Allergy Profile (Finfish) £225
Allergy Profile (Combined Shellfish & Finfish) £300
Allergy Profile (Cereals: Barley, Oat, Rye, Wheat) £150
Allergy Profile (Stone Fruit, Rosaceea family) £200
Allergy Profile (Milk and Milk proteins) £200
Allergy profile (Children’s panel) £250
Individual Allergen £35
5 Different Allergen £250
Allergic Rhinitis provoking profile £200
Eczema provoking profile £200
Allergy Profile UK £180
Allergy Profile Mediterranean £160
Allergy Profile Middle East £165
Total IgE £65
Allergy Component Profiles Please call to enquire

Please note that all Blood test prices above does not include the £50 consultation fee. As with any other health checks, we are unable to do blood tests without any prior consultation. All test results will be provided in 2 workings days following the consultation and test unless specified next to prices. Results will be sent via email. Hard copy can be provided to you and to your GP together with necessary referrals however an admin fee of £10 applies. All other correspondence sent via email or online will not incur an admin fee. Telephone consultation may be provided by the nurse allergy specialist following the test result if needed or you may be asked to attend the clinic again for general health advice regarding your allergy test result. Re-attendance will incur a discounted consultation fee and will be charged at £30 for the appointment.

Please call us if you have any query on the pricing or allergens.